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Qin Li Bingbing in the wind out of the way,cheap nike free run, I saw the back of a sharp snags Flanagan,cheap nike free, will understand immediately over, Lee Made in the wind on the back, it really broke the back of the dress has a big hole, exposing bruising a large piece of my heart was almost sad to shed tears. Take a deep breath, smile went out, quickly put on the ground strewn mountain orange picked up, loaded to bring a bag. They talked and laughed all the way to the camp at the walk, it seems that nothing happened. Over the past several days, these days we are law-abiding, disciplined, do not go out at night without permission, lead to unnecessary trouble.

Say is, cheap nike shoes Laizheliwan, is the pursuit of stimulation, even if at a reduced night, nor the beautiful Quest about it, not a good night to watch the mountains, it is also a trip to the white. Night like this, if the silence with her ​​lover to join in such a beautiful lakeside walks, that is very romantic, even, has already been figured in mind is not to find a secret place charming scenery, marked with a wild battle it. Seeing the desire to fail to beat the crowd, with Li Feng also my own scenery outside s heart, and is now stationed stay here last night, and if not go out tonight, and tomorrow will have to leave back to school, but also a bit of it times picnic activities regret leaving, he promised down, and took out some insect repellent insecticide powder distributed to the crowd, either try to avoid danger, but also from the summer mosquito bites.

The last remaining, Lee is no wind and a master of all the flowers, others are in pairs, while he alone and some feel this is really very good. Zhang Yanyan squinting his eyes, Li Feng walked around, took his hand and said: small wind brother, as you take me to walk it ! Zhang Yanyan Carter, Qin Yu and Chen Fei Ling is not far behind, followed by nike free speak to two, so that the rest of the girls naturally have a herd mentality, have gathered in Li Feng side. After all, for girls, there are a boy around, always a bit more sense of security, and, if only you stay in this place, cheap nike free will feel afraid.

Oh, okay do not call the nike air max positive and Ling Yan talked ideal it ! There are not even called in the evening to say ! You 're looking for a wife ? If you are looking for, nike air max 90 fees Choi would not be humiliated ? You first slowly it ! This is what a friend, what brother ah ! Li Feng more depressed. SMS rings, Li Feng arrested a look, and immediately had the spirit, SMS read: dudes, you lonely? You need someone to comfort you ? Wow, heaven Yan Fu ? Lee lunacy by phone, the messages sent in the past : the need !

Soon, text messages sent back : XX nightclubs, No. 168, such as nike air max 1 nike air max 90 Oh ! A two hundred, five hundred overnight ! Li Feng laughed, readily turn a text message sent in the past : lose ? The other went back to very simply : crazy! Bored lying in bed, playing the boutique purple oven idea. To this boutique purple refining furnace, he has had his own ideas, the main problem is that the essence of purple, because purple boutique refining furnace raw material which is purple cream, mixed with various impurities that ordinary purple clay, is not purple boutique approach refining furnace.

And to be able to create a boutique refining furnace needed purple purple cream,nike free run, purple fear get several tons of mud, so much purple clay, but also through Arcane extract the essence of purple, may not be so easy. However, there is no way someone else, this does not mean that Li Feng Zhao outer door elders is no way that he has done a lot of things to Zhao, calculation, since the elders get outside the door since this identity, it seems never used outside the door of the elders power. Thought for a moment, or opened the Bing-Hui Zhao 's phone.


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    Bored calendar turned,nike air max, surprised to find that actually has spent almost two months at the school, it will be coming May Day holiday, and as usual there should be seven days of vacation. The purple to refining the essence, but also at least a month's time, the May Day holiday, always a little activity, if all stay at home reading a book, it would seem a little too home. Li Feng took out the phone, the phone had since been found, and that they become lazy, even with people exchanges are also greatly dependent on the phone, which gives cheap nike shoes bring the convenience, but also become a communicative with people An obstacle.To play, they have to have a girl accompanied only interesting, ah, and a group of guys who can not play, but, Chen Fei and his girlfriend have their own bachelor followed, not only visible, but also made ​​the least embarrassing popular bulb. And nike air max mens, from freshman to sophomore year, the circle of contacts is small enough to be really, usually less than a few school all day, stay at home reading a book, people who know very little natural, understanding girls only class of its own that more than a dozen, familiar only I usually play together a few of these.

    Had no choice but the way to the desperation had to come to the phone, sometimes, no phone is really inconvenient. Qin Li Bingbing hear the cry of the wind, to the box look, but see Qin Ice being involuntarily forward mounted, and in nike air max womens front, a sharp break off branches facing nike air max forehead, but why Qin Ice not aware of this danger, still screaming and waving his hands, intent to balance the body. Li Feng a radical, Flanagan snags if plugged into the Qin Ice forehead, that things may trouble. 

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Attend to think about,nike free run, the opening day of good fortune full power operation that moment, Li Feng seems to feel that they have become even lighter body up, sprang directly from the tree, such as Solidago Yu Jian Qin ice flying toward the front. Body skill Gudang, the gas filling, pouring position by the pineal gland birth cool breath, circulation throughout the body, it seems to break the shackles of gravity becomes light Ruoxue. Long story, but just an instant of time, Li Feng stature flash, already to the ice in front of the Qin, the nike shoes sale blocked outside the sharp snags.

Finally stabilized stature, Qin Ice stopped the crazy scream, found himself less and no shortage of hands legs, hairs did not fall, relieved, but found myself actually holding Li Feng, blush, a the wind pushed the Lee Road : nike shoes for women holding people doing ? To account for nike free run cheap ah ! Li Feng Menheng soon, mind endless smile, in just Qin Ice vigorously to hit, he did not stand a moment, immediately knocked backwards, but it is a hit snags on Flanagan. Fortunately, he is now skin and muscle are different from ordinary people, or is this about, at least have been badly mutilated fragments inserted.

Qin ice but it is not the people who did not know better, to know if it is just in front of the windshield Lee himself, in all likelihood to fall, but I do not know why the trees are still justout, how suddenly ran in front of their own it? Li Feng now see an expression of pain, quickly apologetic authentic: how are you doing ? nike australia Put you hit there? Then, they go to pull Lee wind jacket checks. Li Feng with a wry smile and said: OK, nike free run rough skin and flesh, how can you hit it on the bruised. Well, the mountains are mined almost orange, nike free run the back.